Services Offered

The following is a list of our current services.
Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

Expense Sheet

Full Training and Care – $1175.00
This program is individually designed to best meet the needs of each horse and rider. An inclusive program for one rider/one horse, tailored to meet their specific needs. Includes Grooming, Trainer Rides, Lessons, Turn Outs, Extra Feed & Supplements, Supplies, and Laundry Service. Offered six days a week.

Care Only – $575.00
Full care of horse includes all grooming, supplies, extra feed & supplements, and laundry service. This can also be offered to horses who are laid up for 30 days or more. This service can be provided seven days a week and includes all necessary turnouts, hand walking, grooming care, and management for the horse that is laid up.

Board – $675.00
Paid to Hansen Dam Equestrian Center on a separate check. Includes alfalfa hay cubes twice daily & shavings.

Hay – $250.00
Includes Grass, oat, timothy, or alfalfa hay. Paid to The Clearing Farm.



Lesson on Own Horse: $60.00

Clearing Lesson Horse: $85.00

Haul-In’s: $100.00

Trainer Schooling Rides (Non-Training Clients): School: $50.00
Haul-In School: $75.00


Schooling Fees:

Horses in Training: $75.00
Horses Not in Training: $100.00
For horses not in training, a $350 deposit is required before the start of the horse show.

Grooming: $75.00/horse/day (includes tip) Customers are responsible for paying and tipping grooms at the horse show.

Trainers Expenses: These will be divided by the number of customers who attend the horse show.

Medication: Billed at cost